Here's the missions and missionaries we support throughout the year.

Ash & Tiffany Kavuma


In Uganda official reports state that 25% of girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are already mothers or pregnant with their first child. We exist for the girl who has been shunned from their family, kicked out of their home and has nowhere to turn for support. We exist for the girl who is terrified because she is carrying a child and can’t comprehend how she will provide for her growing family when she can barely provide a meal for herself. We exist for the girl who is contemplating a dangerous self-abortion because she lacks hope for her future. We exist for the girl who has been sexually assaulted yet blame is heaped on her for the pregnancy.

Together, we can tell a different story.

Bob & Chrissy Godwin


The Godwin family has been serving as missionaries since 1994. They served in Mongolia for over 18 years – pastoring, coaching and mentoring leaders, church planting, working with women in prostitution, women’s prisons, bible school and training of emerging leaders. Never dreaming that they would leave the work in Mongolia, God began to put into their hearts that He was bringing change.  In 2013, during the World Missions Summit in Fort Worth Texas the Godwin’s heard Omar Beiler, speak about the great need in Estonia – described as the “Least Religious Nation in the World”. Within a years time Bob and Chrissy knew God was calling them to go to Estonia to be a part of planting the Church among the unreached of this nation. Bob and Chrissy are leading a Church planting team – “Reach Estonia” – and are now in the process of planting LIFE church in west side of the capital city of Tallinn.

Sue & Gary Eddy


For decades JAARS has been making Bible translation and language development possible, especially in the most remote and difficult places on earth.

We do that by enabling locally-appropriate and sustainable solutions in transportation, technology, media, and training. Sometimes, our boots are on the ground (or in the air, or on the water). Other times, we’re providing expertise, training, logistical support, research and development, project management, or funding. In all cases, we’re working hand-in-hand with global field partners to identify, design, test, refine, and implement solutions that can be sustained going forward.

Jay Newson


Hope of the World’s mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost of the world and it accomplishes it in two ways. First and foremost, we preach the Gospel to the lost and disciple the church in all of the areas we work in. And secondly, the ministry partners with and supports native ministries in those areas to insure that the Gospel moves forward on an ongoing and continual basis. For over a decade now Hope of the World has been actively involved in Asia, East Africa, Central / South America and Europe. We have seen hundreds of pastors and church leaders attend the leadership seminars making an ongoing and widespread difference in the areas we are working in. We have seen literally hundreds of miracles of healings, people being delivered from bondages, and lives being changed.

Mark & Carrie Qualls


The Great Commission is the compelling command behind our desire to make disciples. We are a family of six from Texas who love Jesus and for reasons known only to him are called to this amazing ministry.

We have been appointed by our agency Crossworld to serve as disciple-makers to foster the growth of the church in South Africa.  Partnering with the International College of Bible and Missions as IT manager (as well as other roles) Mark will help prepare pastors and lay-leaders for the work God has for them through all of southern Africa. There are plenty of opportunities to disciple new believers as well as reach out to the un-churched in southern Africa. 

The Door - Life & Pregnancy Center

The Door’s mission is to share the love of Jesus by providing resources and life skills training to individuals impacted by a pregnancy.

Our Calling

OurCalling is a homeless solutions provider focused on ending homelessness in Dallas. Whether someone wants help off the street, or wants to trust Jesus with their life, our teams are equipped to help. We operate an outreach center in Dallas where we provide support services for hundreds of people every day such as: meals, laundry, showers, clothing resources, recovery classes, Bible studies, and opportunities to get off the streets. In addition to our brick and mortar building, OurCalling’s Search & Rescue Teams drive around Dallas and meet homeless individuals and encampments and offer them opportunities off the street.

Sharing Life Community Outreach

The mission of Sharing Life is to end hunger and poverty by demonstrating compassion to those in need through food, clothing, financial resources, and educational programs.   The purpose of Sharing Life has and always will be to provide as many services here as possible, reducing the number of places our clients must visit to receive all of the services they need. We walk alongside our clients to ensure they never feel humiliated or shamed for needing assistance. Compassion gives us the ability to understand someone’s situation, put ourselves in their shoes, and work with them to find a solution. Assistance without compassion places a client who is already in a vulnerable situation, who may feel guilt or shame, in an even lower place. We want to make the tough choices easier for our clients. Choices like paying for food or utilities, medications or utilities, etc. We want to help our clients with as much as we can so they don’t have to make the choice.

Grace Johnson

Himalayan Evangelical Mission (HEM) | INDIA

“Reaching the unreached and telling the untold”
HEM mission includes 1. Church Planting.
2. Child Development Programs.

Wieslaw Ziemba
Wieslaw Ziemba


Wieslaw Ziemba is a pastor that serves his community in Lignita, Poland. His love for Christ has transformed many churches and leaders throughout Poland and surrounding countries.


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